Wildfire Reconstruction Guide Series | No. 1 Recommendations for On-Site Reconstruction

Por: Constanza González-Mathiesen

Information on measures contributing to risk reduction in settlements is essential for informed action in reconstruction contexts, sustainable development, and resilience. To facilitate access to information, on wildfire risk reduction in settlements, we have developed a series of Wildfire Reconstruction Guides, available for public use.

Here we present the first guide in the series, “No. 1 Recommendations for On-Site Reconstruction.” This guide identifies 11 recommendations for affected families to rebuild their properties, implementing measures that can enhance the survival of their homes against the hazard of wildfires. Emphasis is placed on the design and construction of the dwelling and the possible interventions within each site. However, it is also necessary to consider other scales and actions that address vulnerabilities in an integrated manner. A brochure and a poster with these recommendations are available for download.

The guides in the series are:

No. 1: Recommendations for On-Site Reconstruction
No. 2: Recommendations for Urbanisation and Neighbourhood Development
No. 3: Recommendations for the Conditioning and Maintenance of Existing Homes and Neighbourhoods
No. 4: Recommendations for Emergency Villages

Wildfire Exchange (2024), Recomendaciones de reconstrucción en sitio propio [N°1], Serie Guías Reconstrucción Post Incendios Forestales, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile.

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