The Platform

The Wildfire Exchange project delivers an online learning hub for the development, exchange and consolidation of wildfire knowledge in the built environment between Chile and Australia. Wildfires can cause devastating property loss, and have long-term social, economic and environmental impacts. Access to information and collaborative resources is key for wildfire risk reduction. Having access to improved information and resources will provide a basis for informed action that aids sustainability and the development of resilience.

The website’s content includes seminars, learning modules, news, discussions and explainers. The content addresses the promotion of wildfire resilience and the sustainability of communities, settlements and businesses exposed to wildfires. It addresses aspects such as building design, landscape and garden design, road design and evacuation planning, vegetation management and fuel reduction practices, regulatory approaches and governance systems. In addition, the website includes a wide range of databases that contribute to sustainable development in wildfire-prone areas, including design guidelines, good practices, regulatory frameworks, response approaches, education programs, research and student support. 

This website is for public access and use, so diverse people across many sectors can access the learning opportunities offered by it, including students and researchers, government and stakeholders in Chile, Australia and Internationally. The project is focused on building relationships and collaborations, based on Steering Committee Members that were targeted as a diverse group leaders or potential leaders in both countries. Also, other participants are invited to develop specific content, including short articles, contributions to learning modules and podcasts. Public seminars will be run to highlight new opportunities, challenges and ideas, providing opportunities to facilitate networking. Most of the activities will be online, but if conditions allow it, on-site lectures and seminars will be conducted too.

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