International Wildfire Exchange Competition

By: Francisca Yunis

Published on February 20, 2024

The WildfireX 2024 international competition establishes an open call for the dissemination of academic design and research projects related to wildfire risk reduction and management in the built environment and wildland-urban interface.

Wildfire risk reduction aims to prevent new hazards and reduce existing risks, strengthening the resilience of the population, governance systems, and the territory. Acting to reduce wildfire risks requires long-term integrated strategies that bring together a variety of actors and sectors. Among the disciplines that influence wildfire risk reduction, we can find architecture and territorial planning, forestry management and engineering, social studies, geography, territorial information systems, and all those areas dedicated to the study and development of solutions for wildfire prevention and management

Participants can students or professionals who want to publish their projects (undergraduate or postgraduate), that are related to wildfire risk management. The main requirement is that projects cannot be more than 4 years old, therefore, applications for research carried out from January 1, 2020, to date will be considered.

  • Research Projects
  • Academic Design Projects

Research Projects Competition

Participants can apply for undergraduate or postgraduate research projects according to the requirements of the competition brief, with the main theme being wildfire risk reduction and management. Applicants may have studied in different professional areas in relation to the risk of wildfires, such as architecture, geography, social studies, engineering, and forestry management, among others.

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Academic Design Project Competition

Participants can apply for their academic design projects (undergraduate or postgraduate), which may consider proposals for architecture, engineering, urban planning and landscaping, or any other professional area that designs solutions for prevention and mitigation to reduce the risk of wildfires.

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