Event | Seminar: Principles for Fire Adapted Settlements

By: Francisca Yunis

Published on November 13, 2023

The seminar ‘Principles for Fire Adapted Settlements’ reviewed the central aspects of the urban interface and peri-urban areas. Opportunities were presented, and the challenges of communities exposed to wildfires addressing the principles of the Charter for Fire Adaptive Settlements (CFAS) developed by the Wildfire Exchange program. The principles of the Charter seek to guide the design, occupation, management, and governance of the interfaces between vegetation and settlements in the face of wildfires. Through a broad, interdisciplinary approach, these principles provide a basis for understanding and evaluating existing and future conditions.
Four aspects were addressed in the form of principles: (A) Establish the context and foundations; (B) Wildfire risk management in the built environment; (C) Understand settlements as part of networks and systems; and (D) Governance Systems for the development of Fire Adapted Settlements.

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