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CORMA It is a Chilean trade association that brings together more than 150 actors from the forestry sector, the most important industry based on renewable resources in the country.

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) is the National Institute for disaster risk reduction and resilience, they collaborate across sectors to strengthen the resilience of Australian communities to disasters. AIDR creates, grows, and supports a range of networks; provides opportunities for learning, development, and innovation; shares knowledge and resources to enable informed decision making and action; and facilitates thought leadership through national conversations.


Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub

Urban planning capabilities for bushfire: treatment categories and scenario testing | AJEM Research

CSIRO works with industry, government and the research community to turn science into solutions to address Australia’s greatest challenges, including food security and quality; clean energy and resources; health and wellbeing; resilient and valuable environments, and innovative industries.

Natural Hazards Research Australia, is Australia’s national centre for natural hazard resilience and disaster risk reduction. The Centre is a collaborative research organisation, to address the major challenges arising from natural hazards, including bushfires, floods, cyclones, heatwaves, storms and other hazards. The aim is to deliver usable research and knowledge that creates safer and more resilient communities.

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