Event | Current Issues and Future Directions: Wildfires in Chile and Australia

By: Francisca Yunis Richter

Published on August 16, 2022

First online seminar and launch of the WildfireX platform, where experts from Chile and Australia discussed the challenges facing wildfire risk reduction management. 

Among the exhibitors, we highlight the participation of Dr. Raphaele Blanchi representing Australia, her area of ​​study lies in the understanding and reduction of risk posed by wildfires to communities and infrastructure.

On the other hand, on behalf of Chile, Ramón Figueroa, who is the President of the Department of Fire Prevention and Protection of the Chilean Wood Corporation (CORMA), which corresponds to a trade association that brings together more than 150 actors from the forestry and timber sector, the most important industry based on renewable resources in the country, and with a strong focus on the prevention of forest fires.

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