Article | CSIRO: Report on Climate and Disaster Resilience

By: Francisca Yunis Richter, based on the report: “Climate and Disaster Resilience”, content made by the “Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation” (CSIRO), published on June 30, 2020.

CSIRO released a study on alternatives for Australian governments to enhance and increase Australia’s climate and disaster resilience. The research is supported by a more in-depth scientific report and makes suggestions for improving Australia’s resilience for authorities to take into account (CSIRO, 2020). Here you can access the full publication:

Published on October 14, 2022

A string of continuous and occasionally coincidental natural occurrences, including a blaze of wildfires, floods, drought, and hot temperatures, characterized the summer of 2019–20. Australian communities and industries have been touched by their cascading impacts. Aside from the lives lost, these catastrophes have a tremendous financial impact on the community and the government (CSIRO, 2020).

Climate change influences the frequency and severity of these events and will be a factor into the foreseeable future, given the long timeframes associated with current climate trajectories. It is important to better understand and predict the interplay of these natural events and the challenges, risks and impacts they present over different timescales with an increasing population and changing human footprint” (CSIRO, 2020).  

All levels of government, response organizations, and the community have already made significant progress towards building Australia’s resilience. However, as we are exposed to more weather patterns and hazards, there is a need and an opportunity to take this to the next level and mobilize a truly national response to further strengthen the resilience of infrastructure, land use practices, communities, industries, and environment (CSIRO, 2020).


CSIRO Report on Climate and Disaster Resilience (2020). (online) Available at: (Accessed 13 October 2022). 

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