Video | CSIRO: Best Practice Design for Building in Bushfire Prone Areas in Victoria

By: Francisca Yunis Richter, based on the Best Practice Design for Building in Bushfire Prone Areas in Victoria, developed by Garth Warren, Justin Leonard, Kimberley Opie, Raphaele Blanchi, Alan March, Ben Ollington and Mark Holland, published on November 2021. “The Bushfire Best Practice Guide was funded by CSIRO and the Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme (NDRGS). It was developed in collaboration with the University of Melbourne and the Country Fire Authority (CFA)” (Warren et al, 2021).

This guide explains how to make homes and landscapes more resilient to wildfires, especially for Australians who live in forest fire-prone areas, where managing wildfire risk is crucial. Here you can access the full guide:

Published on November 15, 2022

Dr. Raphaele Blanchi Interview. She has a background in geography, risk assessment and land-use planning working with CSIRO Land & Water in the wildfire urban design team since 2004.

A variety of recommendations on building and adapting for wildfire protection are provided in the Bushfire Best Practice Guide, which explains the connection between residential construction, landscape design, and wildfire risk management (Warren et al, 2021).

The following subjects are addressed by the Guide (Warren et al, 2021): 

  • Acknowledge that wildfires are a regular occurrence in Australia and comprehend how they affect homes and landscapes. 
  • Employ design principles to lower the risk of wildfires (including injury and the loss of life) 
  • Enhance current wildfire regulating systems. 
  • Build or update a home or landscape.

The guide has seven sections. Due to the complexity of wildfire hazards, the authors suggest reading the information in all seven sections to gain the fullest picture possible. They also advise starting with Wildfires basics and working your way up from there (Warren et al, 2021).


Warren, G., Leonard, J., Opie, K., Blanchi, R., March, A., Ollington, B., & Hollan, M. (2021). Bushfire best practice guide, CSIRO. Available at: (Accessed November 14 2022)

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