Article | CONAF: Cartography for the Wildfire Forecast System

By: Francisca Yunis Richter, based on the CONAF report “Maps in Prepared by the Forest Fire Protection Management” developed by the Departments of Development, Research and Control of Land and Air Operations, and the Analysis Unit and CONAF Forest Fire Prediction.

This report develops the management of the CARTO web map platform, which has the function of hosting the wildfire forecasting system of the Chilean National Forestry Corporation (CONAF).

Published on November 29 2022

In 2014, the CONAF Wildfire Protection Management (GEPRIF) incorporated the CARTO map platform into its study area, which establishes a diagnosis for wildfires, developed by the Forest Fire Analysis and Prediction Unit (UAPIF). Within this framework, the analysis of the UAPIC established a study period of 19 years (2002 -2021), where between 100,000 and 110,000 forest fires were incorporated, which are studied based on the development of dynamic maps that establish trends and wildfire patterns (CONAF, n.d).

The study of the statistical data, according to the fire seasons between 2002 and 2021, has generated a georeferenced database for each fire event, where the trends of wildfires in Chile are spatially analyzed (CONAF, n.d).

This information is vital for decision-making in prevention and preparation for the response to wildfires, by detecting spatial trends in the occurrence and damage of forest fires, identifying patterns to focus prevention and control actions (CONAF, n.d).


Gerencia de Protección Contra Incendios Forestales (n.d). “Mapas en Elaborados por la Gerencia de Protección Contra Incendios Forestales”. CONAF.

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