Article | Center for Climate Science and Resilience(CR)2: Forest Fires in Chile

By: Francisca Yunis Richter, based on the Report to the Nations of the Center for Climate Science and Resilience (CR)2, “Fires in Chile: Causes, Impacts and Resilience”, content carried out by researchers from the (CR)2, among them: Mauro González, Alejandro Miranda, Verónica Delgado, and Rodolfo Sapiains. The report was published in 2020.

The Report develops the changes in the behavior of fires in recent years, considering climatic and territorial conditions. Here you can access the full publication:

Published on September 1, 2022

Fires in Chile: Causes, Impacts and Resilience

During the last 10 years, the increase in the intensity and severity of the fire seasons in Chile, as well as the generalized drought of recent years, have been favoring the appearance of mega-fires, such as those that occurred in 2017, mainly affecting the regions from the central-southern zone of Chile.

(González et al, 2020). 

The climate crisis has created favorable conditions for the appearance of high-intensity wildfires, such as the increase in temperatures and the decrease in the humidity in the soil and in the atmosphere. This, in combination with the frequent changes in land use and densification in the urban-rural interface, facilitates the spread of fire in the territories.

The Center for Climate Science and Resilience (CR)2, develops in this report the recent changes in the Chilean fire regime, explaining the alterations in its occurrence and magnitude. On the other hand, the socioeconomic and environmental consequences that are projected in the near future are defined, given the increase in mega-fires, and the lack of measures for their control and management. It also addresses the impacts and consequences of fires, as well as the resilience and capacity of the community to adapt to extreme events, along with institutional responses and challenges in terms of prevention and mitigation policies (González et al, 2020).


González, M.E., Sapiains, R., Gómez-González, S., Garreaud, R., Miranda, A., Galleguillos, M., Jacques, M., Pauchard, A., Hoyos, J., Cordero, L., Vásquez, F., Lara, A., Aldunce, P., Delgado, V., Arriagada, Ugarte, A.M., Sepúlveda, A., Farías, L., García, R., Rondanelli, R.,J., Ponce, R.,Vargas, F., Rojas, M., Boisier, J.P., C., Carrasco, Little, C., Osses, M., Zamorano, C., Díaz-Hormazábal, I., Ceballos, A., Guerra, E., Moncada, M., Castillo, I . (2020). Incendios forestales en Chile: causas, impactos y resiliencia. Centro de Ciencia del Clima y la Resiliencia (CR)2, (ANID/FONDAP/15110009), 84 pp. Available:

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