Article | Wildfire preparation guide for housing

By: Francisca Yunis

Published on December 21, 2023

The guide for preparing homes for wildfires was developed by Biobío Madera, with the support of the Production Development Corporation (CORFO), in collaboration with actors and experts at the regional level, such as the National Disaster Prevention and Response Service (SENAPRED), CONAF, Regional Government of Biobío, Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning (MINVU), Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI), Association of Municipalities of the Biobío Region (AMRBB), Concepción Fire Department, Chilean Wood Corporation (CORMA), Futuro Madera, Housing and Urbanization Service (SERVIU) and the Community Prevention Network. The guide seeks to be an easy-to-understand strategic tool so that the population can recognize the possible hazards and vulnerable points that their homes may present in a wildfire event. Likewise, it seeks to raise awareness about the identification of these risks and to take mitigation and preparation measures to reduce the impact of wildfires.

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