Article | After the emergency: keys to a sustainable recovery in areas affected by wildfires in the urban-forestry zone

By: Francisca Yunis Richter, based on the series of policy papers from the Research Center for Integrated Disaster Risk Management (CIGIDEN) “After the emergency: keys to a sustainable recovery in areas affected by wildfires in the urban-forestry zone” developed by researchers Dr. Jorge León, Dr. Magdalena Vicuña, Dr. Magdalena Gil and Dr. Constanza González-Mathiesen, published on December 14, 2023. Published by ResearchGate, developed by CIGIDEN.

Published on December 19, 2023

Wildfires have become one of the principal climate threats worldwide, exacerbated by the global climate crisis, showing an increase in their frequency, intensity, and scope. Chile has experienced an alarming increase in the magnitude of fires in the last decades.

(León, Vicuña, Gil, González-Mathiesen, 2023).

The wildfires of the last decade revealed the need for effective strategies and policies for post-fire recovery. These disasters have been critical moments for the State, which must adjust its policies and budgets to address the emergency, in addition to assuming the challenge of continually managing reconstruction and recovery projects that allow communities to adapt and recover from the disaster in a timely and effective manner, which implies considering multiple human, social and physical dimensions (León, Vicuña, Gil, González-Mathiesen, 2023).

This document presents a series of analyses and recommendations regarding wildfires in Chile, governance, and public policies. Also, it highlights the challenges for recovery beyond the emergency, addressing necessary strategies for better preparation and response at the municipal level:
(1) Risk identification and planning; (2) Coordination of actors and disaster risk management; (3) Formalisation of land ownership and commercial activities; (4) Strengthening territorial planning; (5) Recognition and consideration of external factors that impact sustainable recovery; (6) Consider the economic dimension in recovery plans; (7) Consider the environmental dimension in recovery plans; (8) Strengthening citizen participation and implementation of mental health and psycho-social support programs.


León, J., Vicuña, M., Gil, M., & González-Mathiesen, C. (2023). Serie policy papers Cigiden – Researchgate. Después de la emergencia: claves para una recuperación sostenible en zonas afectadas por incendios en la interfaz urbano-forestal. Available at: (Accessed el 18/12/2o23)

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