Video | 24 Horas Channel: Wildfires and Climate Crisis: Constanza González Mathiesen interview

By: Francisca Yunis Richter, based on the news from the “24 Horas” Channel

Published on August 22, 2022

Dr. Constanza González Mathiesen, the principal investigator from Wildfire Exchange, explained on the “24 horas” channel how fires have increased in Chile, especially due to the climate crisis, and accidental and intentional ignitions. During her interview, she talks about how the wildfires in Valparaíso in 2014 and Santa Olga in 2017, marked a before and after in disaster risk management, especially the acknowledgement of the need to implement strategies that reduce wildfire risks; fuel management, regulations for the urban-rural interface, as well as the education and preparation of the population in the event of possible disasters. 

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