WildfireX is a learning hub for the development and knowledge exchange about risk reduction in the built environment between Chile and Australia.

WildfireX focuses on measures associated with urban-rural interface areas and peri-urban locations, where there are more people and properties exposed to wildfire.

WildfireX addresses aspects of design, management, regulatory and governance approaches to wildfire reduction in the built environment.

By providing access to information and resources about wildfire reduction in the built environment, WildfireX contributes to sustainability and resilience development.

The WildfireX 2024 international competition establishes an open call for the dissemination of academic design and research projects related to wildfire risk reduction and management in the built environment and wildland-urban interface.

Among the disciplines that influence wildfire risk reduction, we can find architecture and territorial planning, forestry management and engineering, social studies, geography, territorial information systems, and all those areas dedicated to the study and development of solutions for wildfire prevention and management

The competition has two axes of applications:

  • Research Projects
  • Academic Design Projects

Wildfires can cause devastating property loss, and have long-term social, economic and environmental impacts. These impacts tend to concentrate in the urban-rural interface areas and peri-urban areas, where more people and properties are exposed to fire.

Access to information and collaborative resources is key for wildfire risk reduction. Accordingly, WildfireX delivers an online learning hub for the development, exchange and consolidation of wildfire risk reduction in the build environment knowledge.

The website includes a wide range of database, that contributes to sustainable development in wildfire-prone areas: building design, landscape, road and open space design, evacuation planning, vegetation management, fuel reduction practices, regulatory frameworks, response approaches, education programs, governance systems, research and student support. 


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